Feeding time at the zoo is challenging. I have to feed the cat on a different floor. Then I feed Tizzy on my lap while Ben eats from his bowl or lurks. Ben {A golden and collie mix- Golly?}can clean any bowl very quickly. Speaking of bowl, don't forget to put the lid down. I'm excited. I got new running pants today and look forward on checking them out tomorrow. You know, there is a lot of running in time travel. :) I have to burn off the cookie pie I made yesterday. One for me and one for my fav neighbors. Frank is just in town to change the oil in the TARDIS. 70 million light years or 7500 miles. It can interface with any known piece of technology in the galaxy and it still does not have an ipod connector yet. I tried the running pants out this morning. Not worth the $65 I paid for them considering I could have bought 3 pairs of wrangler jeans for that and I still need to go out and buy some long underwear for cold weather runs and I don't like the location of the pocket for my pistol. I hate the cold. Frank has been totally smoke free for over a month now and was only on a patch for 3 weeks. Now he is off to save the galaxy or another time....maybe he'll see ya in another 7500 miles. He only wishes that it will be warm enough to put the top down and buy and install an ipod interface for the TARDIS by then. Peace!