This is a close-up view of my Matt avatar. As the long-term boyfriend of Shani's impulsive, fiery best friend Leisa, Matt is described as being reserved and contemplative in contrast to her more volatile, emotional nature, yet possessing a calm, steely strength. I chose the [BH] Evan Head by briteheart with its strong features and chiselled bone structure to depict Matt's lean, ascetic appearance. Since I described Matt in the novel as having fair colouring with light grey eyes, it was a challenge creating a strong yet natural look for him, without making him appear too washed-out. The Realistic Male Skin by RevengeSister had just the right subtle touch of warmth and harmonised perfectly with the pale sandy-blonde tones of the MJs Tor Blonde by mystryssjoi. The Custom Blonde Brows by rabidity are a few shades darker than the hair, but have the same shade just at the mid-point between ash and gold. It is said that eyes are the windows to the soul, and I wanted Matt's to depict the combination of strength and gentleness that is the essence of his personality, so I chose the DrNoXx Eyes Grey by DrNoXx which are a true steel grey, yet in a soft muted shade. The total effect is subtle, yet strong and distinctive, which describes Matt to a T; even beside the more outgoing Leisa, there's no way this guy will fade into the background!