Kazuya Kouda is a first year student at the high that the other Zweilt Guardians attend. She is also a Zweilt Guardian and she is the bearer of Kami no Ishi, God's Will. The ring on her left pinky can transform into a scepter and she can control wind at will. As a child, her parents abandoned her and left her on the side of the road. Kazuya traveled for days until Takashiro Giou found her and took her in.There she met the other Zweilt Guardians, and remembering her past lives with them. Kazuya did have a partner named Ryuu Takashi,who she loved dearly, but he was killed by Reiga 2 years ago. Ever since his death, Kazuya has only smiled a few times and is seen crying alone sometimes. She is often seen with the Murasame siblings, since they were the ones who stayed with Kazuya and gave her support when Ryuu died. Shortly after Yuki returns to the Twilight Mansion, Kazuya becomes slightly happen again and smiles a little more.